We're drunk, because we can't fight without alcohol. And we're loosin everything when we'e
wakin up !
This fun we have on our parties is just illusion, but it's okay at all. & Yes, the sex i great!
Because we don't know the other one..any other questions? Drugs? Of course !
When I'm enter the club, they don't ask me how I am, they ask me in a drunken voice:
Weed or opium? & everytime I answer with the golden word: everything !
Yes, I'm dirty and I'm n o t honest. Every one knows that..but hey, I'm happy.
Just let me live my life. & i give a fuck to all these rumors. why? because they're true babe!
okay, our talk is over. i have to party on..where the party is? Oh everywhere I am.
How long we're going to party? Ahem, i don't know. But what i know is..
i party like my vagina is on fire and i'll kiss and fuck and drink and dance my problem away.
THANKS - for your attention.

(c) fashii0n-K 

14.12.08 21:52

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